LES AFFAMÉS are revealing themselves at SPASM

We'll show teasing clips of Robin Aubert's zombie roadtrip project HUNGERED ONES (Les Affamés) at the Montreal SPASM Festival on Oct. 22 and 30. Come see us and support the project!


Malgré la nuit premieres at FNC 2015

Malgré la nuit (Fever) from French Master Filmmaker Philippe Grandrieux, will premiere at the Montreal New Cinema Festival on Oct. 11 & 17. The film was coproduced by Mandrake (FR), La maison de prod and 1976 Productions (CA).



Horror movies afficionado Robert Aubin needs your support to get his zombie roadtrip film project get made. Go to the film's social campaign website and get a chance to play one of the 100 zombies during the shooting!


POETASTR is a 2015 ICI ARTV Grantee

POETASTR, a rule-based poetry generator that's part of the NORIGINALS multiplatform project, got a Digital Arts grant from ICI ARTV. A DOK Leipzig Net Lab alum, Sheffield Doc/Fest Interactive Award finalist and POV Hackathon award-winner, POETASTR will be exhibited at the ARTVStudio during the 2015-2016 Season.

POETASTR gets an Interactive Award nomination at Sheffield

POETASTR, the poetry generator that's part of NORIGINALS, is one of the 8 projects nominated for the Sheffield Doc/Fest Interactive Award. Code Artist Colin Rothfels will make a performance at the Crossover Summit for the occasion.

Maria Panagiotidi

VFC goes to Cannes, Sheffield and Paris

La maison de prod is proud to announce the selection of its new cinema+transmedia project VFC at Cannes Next, the Sheffield Crossover Market and the Cross Video Days Content Market in May and June 2015.

Cannes Next

LMDP will bring Ravenscrag to the big screen

La maison de prod has acquired the film rights to Alain Farah's acclaimed novel Ravenscrag ("Pourquoi Bologne"), published by House of Anansi Press in Jan. 2015. Film and music video director Francois Blouin ("Bobby") will write and direct the film adaptation.

Philippe Grandrieux' latest film shooting in Les Inrocks

French magazine Les Inrocks went on Philippe Grandrieux' set while he was shooting Fever, coproduced by Mandrake Films (France), La maison de prod and 1976 Productions (Canada). The film will be released in 2015.

Mandrake Films

NORIGINALS goes to Power to the Pixel

Producer/Director C.S. Roy and DPT Creative Director Nicolas S. Roy will pitch the NORIGINALS project to this year's Power to the Pixel, the world's largest transmedia business financing forum. 32 projects were curated this year.

LMDP at the 2014 Sheffield Doc/Fest

Producer C.S. Roy and filmmaker Mark Slutsky were invited to pitch their NORIGINALS project to potential international partners at the Sheffield Doc/Fest MeetMarket. 64 projects from 19 countries have been selected over 600 submissions this year.

LMDP heads to Germany

Producer Charles S. Roy is attending the DOK.fest Munich Marketplace this May, joining a Quebec Producer group put in place and supported by SODEC and the Québec Government Office in Munich.


NORIGINALS at POV Hackathon 5

NORIGINALS: The Art of Uncreativity is one of the six projects to participate to POV Hackathon #5, which PBS will hold in New York City May 10-11. Filmmaker Mark Slutsky and creative coder Colin Rothfels will have 48hrs to program and put a text-based 'Uncreativity' app online.


Pierrette Robitaille wins at the Jutra

Pierrette Robitaille won the Jutra Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Vic+Flo saw a Bear. Her co-screen star Marc-André Grondin was on stage to give the award to Robitaille, who mentioned the great performance of Romane Bohringer in the film. Congratulations to the whole cast and team!

Quebec College students vote for Vic+Flo

Vic+Flo saw a Bear won the Quebec Cinema College Award on March 22, 2014. More than 40 schools were involved in this 3rd edition, under the tutelage of Micheline Lanctôt. You can watch videos from the ceremony and the award acceptance speech from director Denis Côté, who was in Paris at that time.

Les Affamés sélectionné au marché de coproduction Frontières

"Les Affamés", scénarisé par Robin Aubert, est l'un des 12 projets sélectionnés pour participer à la 3e édition du Marché de coproduction internationale Frontières.
Organisé par le Festival Fantasia et le Festival du film fantastique de Bruxelles, Frontières est le premier et unique marché de coproduction dédié au cinéma de genre à réunir des talents de l'Amérique du Nord et d'Europe. La prochaine édition aura lieu du 10 au 12 avril en Belgique.

Vic+Flo ont vu un ours en nomination à la 16ième soirée des Jutra

La maison de prod est heureuse d'annoncer les nominations de Vic+Flo ont vu un ours de Denis Côté, à la 16ième Soirée des Jutra, dans les catégories suivantes : Meilleure réalisation, Meilleur scénario, Meilleure actrice (Pierrette Robitaille), Meilleure actrice de soutien (Marie Brassard), et Film s'étant le plus illustré à l'étranger.

Yannick Grandmont

Vic+Flo ont vu un ours nommé meilleur long métrage canadien au FICFA

Vic+Flo ont vu un ours a été primé dans la catégorie meilleur long métrage de fiction canadien lors de la dernière édition du Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie.

NORIGINALS: The Art of Uncreativity at the DOK Leipzig Net Lab

La Maison de Prod and the LESEDSED Pub. Co. are proud to announce the selection of NORIGINALS: The Art of Uncreativity to the 2013 edition of the Net Lab, the DOK Leipzig Festival transmedia project incubator+conference. Only 8 transmedia projects out of 50 proposals were selected this year. NORIGINALS: The Art of Uncreativity is an innovative transmedia project at the frontier of visual arts, filmmaking and technology. It is written and directed by filmmaker Mark Slutsky (The Decelerators) with publisher and producer C.S. Roy ("BIS").

DOK Leipzig