The company

Film Producer Stéphanie Morissette and co-founding partner Ève Marchand launched the Montreal-based company La maison de prod in 2010 as an innovative creativity and production hub putting thinking-forward partnerships in motion in the international film and digital media marketplace. We are committed to bring both fresh and seasoned storytellers' projects, helping them reaching an international audience along the way.

Denis Côté's Vic+Flo saw a Bear, La maison de prod's first feature production, won the 2013 Silver Bear Award for Innovation at the 64th Berlinale. It was screened in more than 65 film festivals around the world, notably in Namur, Belgium, where it won the Best Screenplay Golden Bayard award. The film also made the 2013 TIFF Group Top Ten List.

Dan Karo's The Bear, a documentary portrait of filmmaker Denis Côté during the shooting of Vic+Flo saw a Bear, is screened at Locarno, Guadalajara and the Montreal Nouveau Cinema Festival.


Stéphanie Morissette, Founder and Producer

Stéphanie Morissette is one of Quebec's top indie producers. First with nihilproductions, then with Coop Vidéo de Montréal, she worked on a dozen feature films that were screened at more than 50 international film festivals since the mid-2000s. In 2005, she started a creative partnership with director Denis Côté, with whom she co-produced Les états nordiques/Drifting States, winner of the Golden Leopard – video competition at the Locarno Film Festival and the Indie Jeonju Vision Grand Prix (South Korea). To date, she has produced six more films with Côté, including Elle veut le chaos/All That She Wants (Best Directing award – Locarno 2008) and Curling (Best Directing & Best Actor awards – Locarno 2010). In 2007, Morissette produced Derrière moi/Behind Me, Rafaël Ouellet’s second feature film, which was screened in San Sebastián and Toronto (TIFF). She again teamed up with Ouellet on Camion (2012), which won the Best directing award and cumenical Jury Prize at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Shot in Burundi (East Africa), Journal d'un coopérant (2010) marked her first collaboration with veteran director Robert Morin, one of Quebec’s leading figures in experimental cinema. The film was screened on closing night at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, and won the Best Canadian Film award at the Moncton Film Festival (Canada). Morissette was also one of the producers of the documentary feature film Over my Dead Body (Dir.: Brigitte Poupart), who made the Contenders 2012 list issued by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Stéphanie Morissette launched La maison de prod in 2010. Denis Côté’s Vic+Flo ont vu un ours/Vic+Flo saw a Bear (co-produced with Metafilms’ Sylvain Corbeil) and Robert Morin’s Les quatre soldats/Four Soldiers, her most recent works, will be both released in 2013.

Ève Marchand, co-Founder and Associate Producer

Charles S. Roy, Crossmedia Producer

Producer and co-writer/director C.S. Roy has been a Film Critic contributor (1999-2009) for Sequences, ICI Montreal, Cinemascope and Les Cahiers du Cinema, as well as a FIPRESCI jury member in festivals held in Canada, the US, Europe and Russia. He also acted as Chief Editor of the TV and Film trade QFQ Daily for 5 years. C.S. Roy launched the Séditions/LESEDSED Publishing Co. in 2012 and published the 2013 AQÉI Excellence Award-nominee “BIS, ou La politesse du débutant” the following year. NORIGINALS: The Art of Uncreativity is his debut documentary feature film.

Julien Tremblay, Assistant Producer


2015 Fever (dir. Philippe Grandrieux) - Mandrake Films (France), La maison de prod and 1976 Productions (Canada) 2013 The Bear (dir. Dan Karo) - La maison de prod 2013 Vic+Flo Saw a Bear (dir. Denis Côté) – La maison de prod (co-produced by Metafilms)